The Tale Behind The Name - Francesca.

Since her creation, Francesca has been a favourite amongst the press and brides a like. Her vintage inspired elegance appeals to those who're looking to add a whimsical romance to their bridal look.
When Emmy was in the process of creating the Francesca shoe, she was heavily influenced by F.Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel; The Great Gatsby. 
'I had The Jazz Age of the roaring 20s and beautiful debutante, Daisy Buchanan in mind when creating Francesca. A time where beauty, intricate detailing and excess were in vogue'.  
Francesca's unique embellishment of mother of pearl, crystal and shell embroidery decorates the softest blush leather, adorned with a metallic rose gold trim.
Team with the Emmy London Opera clutch, Maya Comb or Double Fan Drape to get that 'Gatsby Bride' look,