Emmy London Anniversary Alphabet

Emmy London Anniversary Alphabet

A - Anniversary

This is the beginning of our 16th birthday celebrations. We are so proud, full of love and thankful. Join the celebrations and read through our Emmy London alphabet A-Z to explore who we are, what we do and where we are going.



B- Boutique

B- Boutique. The heart of our brand is our boutique. Located in Chelsea, London this is where we get to meet our amazing customers and help them try on and find their dream shoes. We are now open by appointment only please get in touch on boutique@emmylondon.com. We have put safety measures in place to ensure your visit is risk free. 


 C - Comfort 

As passionate about comfort as we are about style.
Here at Emmy London we truly do believe that the secret to true beauty is confidence and comfort.
We want to be with you through all of life's special moments - Weddings, anniversaries, job interviews and with our shoes on you will not think of your feet once...except how fabulous they look!

All of our shoes are specially and expertly designed and created to achieve optimum comfort. Watch this video to see Emmy explain exactly how we create such comfort even in the highest of our heels. 

D- Details 

From the diamond encrusted buckle, crystal on the sole or hand written personalised note you receive with your shoes, attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do.

E- Embroidery 

Embroidery is the core structure of our embellishments, we’ve worked with the same hand embroidery team for over 16 years. Each piece is a unique labor of love with the same ingredients of refined attention detail.

F - Florence 

They say a pair of shoes can help you conquer the world, well with a pair of our Florence heels, who knows what you can achieve.
A timeless and classic style designed in 2008, this iconic design has become integral to our brand and identity. A style that can be adapted to create the shoe of your dreams.
What colour Florence would you add to your shoe collection? 

G - Growth 

Taking a moment to reflect on how far we have grown over the past 16 years. From a lightbulb moment to our beautiful Chelsea boutique and helping our Emmy London customers find their perfect wedding, anniversary or just because a shoe love moment shoes.


 H - Handmade 

Did you know that all of our shoes are carefully handmade with love and care at out Workshop in Portugal?

Shoemaking is made up of a series of intricate processes and our team of craftsmen have honed skills passed down from generation to generation.

Watch the video above to see some behind the scenes action from our Workshop.


I - Interchangeable 

We believe that great shoes should be worn again and again. Our 'Lois' heels come with interchangeable broach details to ensure that you can mix up your style for every occasion. 


J - Jasmine 

We are flat out in love with our new fabulous Jasmine sandals. Available in both Ivory and Powder Blue these are the perfect summer style.
Contact our boutique for more information, online now.

K - Kitten Heels 

The kitten heel edit. We offer a wide range of kitten heels for perfect for your big day. From mules to court shoes we have something for everyone. 

L - London

The home of our boutique. London is where we gain our inspiration and where the passion for designing and shoe love first started. It will always hold such a special place in our heart. Our boutique is now open for appointments Tuesday-Saturday. Please contact boutique@emmylondon.com for more information. 

M - Materials 
We are proud to only use the very best materials, even if this does mean that our designs can take years to create as we search for the perfect materials.

We are happy to introduce Celeste. This season Emmy discovered a new silk stretch satin and Celeste was reborn with all the stability you could wish for.
We never give up on a dream, the wait is worth it for the creation of the perfect balance of comfort and beauty.


N - Natasha 
Did you know we also design clutch bags?
Our classic clutch bags add the perfect finishing touch. Complete your look with these stunning clutch bags. The best option for holding your essentials during your special event. Made from the softest kid suede in a variety of subtle shades.


O - Occasion  

From Wedding Day, to honeymoon to date night we want to be with you on every important life occasion. Supporting you from the feet up.


P - Porto

The home of our workshop and where we draw our inspiration. From the beautiful architecture and colourful tiles to the sparkling Douro river, this city is at the heart of our designs. 

Q - Quality 

From sourcing the very best materials to the carefully hand-beaded iconic embellishment details...we are always taking care of the quality.

R - Real Bride

We are so lucky to be with you throughout the most important day of your lives. From the ceremony to dancing the night away under the stars we want to support you from the feet up with confidence and comfort.

S - Sustainability 

We are committed to sustainability. We design and create shoes that are made to order and perfect for each and every customer individually. This stops us from producing unwanted amounts of shoes and helps us continue our strategy of supply on demand.

T - Timeless 

Emmy's designs are sure to make every bride have their very own Cinderella moment. Cinderella is a timeless and classic design. Created 13 years ago, it is still one of our most iconic styles to this day.

U - Unique 

Each and every pair of our shoes are hand finished with details personal to each customer.

We now offer the personalisation of your birthstone Crystal on the sole of your shoes... or you can mix and match yours and your partners birthstone.
It is all in the small details that make your shoes unique to you.

V - Virtual Appointments

Emmy wants to bring the joy of shoe love to you with our Virtual Appointments.

This is a chance for you to choose, design and create the perfect shoe for you with Designer Emmy herself or a member of our boutique team, all from the comfort of your home.

Please contact boutique@emmylondon.com for more information.

W - Women for Women

Our collections are designed by Emmy and our nearly all female team. We understand and know how important the balance of look and comfort are with a pair of shoes. Especially on life's big days.

X - 'Love Emmy xxx'

It is all in the small details...Every order is not complete without its hand written note from Emmy.

Y - You!

Treat your feet with beautiful shoes.

Z - Zoe

We are flat out in love with our super stylish pointed bridal shoe. Zoe also comes with two straps so you can change up your look throughout the day.

 Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. We hope you enjoyed it and now have a deeper understanding of who we are as a brand and what we stand for.

Please comment below which day was your favourite.