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Creating the perfect balance of comfort & beauty

To make our shoes breathtakingly comfortable we;

- Use super soft materials.

- Refine the shape of our lasts and heels so they are perfectly balanced.

- Add Thermo foam insole boards to create a long lasting cushion from heel to toe.

- Ensure our uppers are cut perfectly and edges smooth to avoid rubbing.

- Designs that are flattering yet supportive, maintaining the correct position of the foot arches.

Wide Fit & Half Sizes Are Available

We can make shoes from a size EU 34 to EU 44, half sizes and split sizes too. If you order a half size with us and it isn't the perfect fit you can return your order.

Please contact us to request a half size.

Our wide fit it the equivalent to EEE, perfect for when you need a little extra room.

Please ensure you select your size in 'Wide'. 


Contact Us To Learn More About Our Sizing & Construction

Please use the chatbox in the corner of your screen

or email

or call +44 (0) 207 704 0012