By Emmy Scarterfield 

The design process is the most indulgent part of my job and certainly one I look forward to embarking on. Typically the journey starts by something that I've seen or experienced and that has ignited the creative thought process. My designs are never really influenced by shoes, it's usually way more random than that! In the past, insects, architecture, chairs, umbrellas and tiling have all played a role in shaping how the collection has evolved season after season. 

Our iconic Francesca story started life as a sketch of a portico above a door in my home town of Georgian Bath. 

Our Aurelia collection was inspired by the magical mythology of the sea, in particular mermaids. The Aurelia story captures the art nouveau forms through iridescent sequins perfectly. 

Our most recently and most coveted collection, the Cancello collection, was inspired by a remote holiday I enjoyed earlier this year with my husband and twin daughters. We had to walk a long way each day just to pick up bread, milk and wine (the holiday essentials) through winding lanes and along disused tram tracks. On route I discovered the beauty of some old Italian gates (cancello is gate in Italian), their faded grandeur and how the foliage had intertwined with the wrought iron work. Being on foot, I had the chance to really absorb and admire the intricate details. This collection is a real celebration of the geometric repetition of those gates in a softer, grey palette... perfect for modern brides wanting to create a wedding look with a hint of vintage glamour. 

The design process typically starts with a mood board, I love a mood board! Then sketching starts and I refine my ideas several times before I'm confident that I've created a balanced collection of styles, keeping every bride-to-be's personal style in mind. I am really passionate about providing our creme de la creme bespoke service, our brand heritage. The collaborative creative journey with the bride is a real privilege. 

Our skilled workshop then commence the sampling stage and our hand beading team start to work their magic. I love the stage when I get to see my ideas come to life. The final stage is to try them all on and ensure they are perfect in terms of fit and comfort, two key and integral ingredients to our luxury brand. 

I am fortunate enough to do my “perfect job” and I feel very lucky indeed that I've been able to pursue my dreams and I get to enjoy every day, something I hope I never take for granted.