5 Must-Have Wedding Accessories for your Big Day


Emmy London Opal Daisy Pins Wedding Hair Accessory

As you may have guessed, we at Emmy London value the accessories of a wedding outfit very highly! However, too often, the bride-to-be forgets to plan the little details of their outfit into their budget, meaning that when the time comes to buy thinks like belts and hair accessories (those items that pull an outfit together), there may be no money left. A disaster! To make sure you don’t forget these little but important extras, or perhaps to give you a bit of inspiration when it comes to jazzing up an outfit, we’ve put together our list of 5 must have wedding accessories.

Francesca and Teardrop Belt Emmy London


Who would we be if we didn’t start with shoes? Certainly, not Emmy London! Shoes are such a vital part of your bridal outfit, and, to be honest, hard to forget about, but we didn’t want to run the risk of not including them – you know, just in case! You should always leave a good budget for shoes; all too often brides may pick up an inexpensive pair, and then feel disappointed on the day when their shoes are pinching or rubbing even before they’ve walked up the aisle. Your wedding day will be a long one, there will be lots of milling about talking to guests, as well as that all important aisle walk and the first dance. Your shoes have to be able to carry you through the entire day, and make you feel supported, comfortable, and confident. A few of the beautiful wedding shoe styles that we’re obsessing over this month are the Cinderella, Jude and Amelia.

 Emmy London Cecile Bridal Shoes on Feet


Along with shoes, you should never forget the wedding clutch bag. Not only is this a practical necessity, but it can bring a whole outfit together. At Emmy London, we have a few clutches in the same range as our shoes and other accessories, for example the Cinderella clutch to match the shoes we just mentioned – handy, we know! Though, most of our accessories complement each other very well, even if they’re not in the same range, so take a look and find the one that’s perfect for you and your wedding day outfit!

 Francesca Bridal Shoes and Clutch Bag


A detailed belt is an undervalued and underutilised accessory in our opinion. From cinching in waists to adding that little extra something to a simple chic dress, a belt can completely change and elevate your wedding day look! Not to mention that it can stop the need for costly and timely alterations if your dress is a little loose fitting around the middle. Keep things simple with our slim Angelina belt, or go for a statement our Aurelia or Vintage Rose pieces. You’ll thank us for this one!


Hair Comb

Here at Emmy, we think a hair comb is a wonderful accessory, and if you’re shopping for a bride-to-be, it can also make a beautiful and treasured gift. If you invest in a well-crafted, gorgeous hair comb, it’s going to last you a life time, and is something you can keep forever to remind you of your special day, and even pass down to your little girls or younger relatives to wear when it comes to their own wedding. We have a large variety of hair combs at Emmy; you can go for a timeless style with our pearl and crystal fan, make a statement with our double fan drape or keep things understated and natural with our Aurelia leaves. Be sure to check out our whole hair accessory range for more!

Emmy London Blossom Bridal Shoes and Demi Halo 

Hair Pins

For a bride, it’s the little details that can make the biggest difference. Trade in your standard, high-street pins and instead chose from our gorgeous range of detailed pins; trust us, people will notice! We currently have a range styles to choose from, including our crystal daisy pins, art deco luxe drape pins and opal daisy pins; all of which are equally beautiful! Keep a few of these in your clutch in case you have any hair mishaps and know you’re in safe hands.

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