How to Add Extra Embellishment to Your Wedding Dress with a Detailed Belt

How to Add Extra Embellishment to Your Wedding Dress with a Detailed Belt


Ophelia Blush and Mint Bridal Belt from the Emmy London Wedding Collection

How to Add Extra Embellishment to Your Dress with a Detailed Belt

There’s no doubt that one of the most important aspects of a wedding is the dress – well, for the bride, at least! There’s a lot of pressure on the bride to find that ‘perfect dress’ that makes them both look and feel incredible, but what a lot of women forget is that the way you see a dress in the shop isn’t how it has to be worn. Lo and behold, you can add and embellish your gown! At Emmy London, we think adding a detailed belt to a dress can take it from dull to dazzling in a matter of seconds.

Emmy London Mandarin Belt Thin Beaded Bridal Belt perfect for Simple Wedding Dresses

What a Detailed Belt can do for Your Dress

Adding a belt to a dress isn’t hard and you don’t have to alter the dress at all, which in itself is a huge bonus - no fuss is a definite winner for a busy bride! It can completely transform the silhouette of your dress by cinching in the waist of a straight or even loose fit, letting your curves shine! If you have a tiny waist and your dress doesn’t fit quite right in this area, a belt can actually remove the need for time consuming fittings and alterations, which is an absolute god send, leaving you time to plan for your big day and spend time with your future spouse. If you’re a bit of a minimalist and have gone for a simplistic dress, it’s also a great way of adding that little bit of glam without going over the top. It can create a completely unique look to an otherwise generic dress, making it unquestionably ‘you’ – and, unlike the dress, you can wear it over and over again!

Emmy London Teardrop Bridal Belt Available online and in the Emmy London Chelsea Boutique

Emmy London Aurelia Bridal Belt Perfect for Simple Wedding Dresses

Options, Options, Options...

At Emmy London, we really value a beautifully embellished belt and have a selection that you can pick from. If you’re going for something simple, delicate and elegant, our Teardrop Belt is the perfect choice! Or perhaps one of our Angelina or Jericho Belts to add that touch of glamour and let your waist take centre stage. For the bride who likes to make a statement, we’d recommend the Aurelia Belt, or perhaps the Vintage Rose to add a feminine blush to your look. We really do have a belt for every bride!

Emmy London Angelina Bridal Belt With Crystal and Pearl Embellishments

Emmy London Hand-Beaded Bridal Belts in the Emmy Chelsea Boutique

Co-ordinate your Look

Tie your belt into a whole look with matching accessories to really perk up a simple dress. Some of our belts, such as the Aurelia, are part of a range of products that all stem from the same inspiration and are perfect when paired together! Bags, shoes and hair accessories can all be co-ordinated by their range, or by tones and the jewels that embellish them, so be sure to take a look at our other departments once you’ve decided on your belt to find it’s perfect match! Or, of course, you can keep your belt as a singular statement piece and pair it with minimal accessories (such as our Natasha clutch) and shoes (our Poppy range is perfect for keeping things simple)

Check out our range of beautifully crafted bridal belts for more information about each item and to find the one that’s perfect for you.

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