Wedding Trends over the Centuries

Wedding Trends over the Centuries

It’s fair to say that weddings have changed a lot over the centuries, but they’re also occasions that are steeped in tradition. There are lots of elements that stay the same, but couples have embraced their individuality more and more over the years. In the 21st century, there’s more of a liberal, laid-back attitude and brides and grooms are increasingly making their big day centered on their own tastes, lifestyle and wishes.

 At Emmy London, we think it’s really important that you do what makes you happy and that means wearing what you feel most comfortable in and staying true to yourself. Let’s have a look at some wedding trends over the centuries.

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One of the most famous wedding traditions is probably the idea of white being a central colour scheme. In the 18th and 19th centuries, women who could afford to, married in white, so it was seen as a symbol of wealth and status.

Whereas it’s often thought that white was supposed to signify virginity and purity, the idea of status superseded this idea. This was because white dresses were so difficult to keep clean, so if a bride was wearing a white dress it was supposed to show that they could afford to wear the dress only once. These days, a white dress fits in with a nostalgic, romantic theme and brides like to wear it because it acknowledges tradition and the past.

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In Western culture, there have always been examples of women wearing colours other than white, crème or ivory on their big day. These days it’s a lot more common because of how much society has increasingly embraced individuality. Over the centuries, brides that had an interest in fashion, could often be found in colourful dresses. During the Second World War, material for dresses and options for brides were limited, so they would often recycle colourful dresses in their wardrobe or even use print and patterns from curtains and other upholstery to make their own wedding gown, so colour was common.

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Traditional wedding gowns have managed to stand the test of time because of their ability to look timeless, but be open to modifications and changes. Brides are constantly looking back and taking inspiration from other eras for their dresses and accessories. This is also because of cross-cultural changes and traditions combining. It’s all in the detail and there are lots of styles and specifics that can be taken from the past. Modern weddings are about diversity of choice and doing what makes you happy and comfortable.