Art Deco’s Influence on Fashion

Art Deco’s Influence on Fashion

If you mention Art Deco to anyone then chances are that they’ll think of the roaring twenties, the jazz era and The Great Gatsby. It was a revolutionary time, with lot of changes in lifestyle and the wider society at large. Women in the UK and America were finally given the vote and with this, came a more empowered, liberated woman and the world of fashion responded by creating clothes that appreciated the female form and, most importantly, celebrated it! Designers like Coco Chanel and Paul Smith were especially prevalent at doing this. Clothes that allowed women to move more freely and express themselves with their movement were beginning to be designed.

You can see a perfect example of this with the ‘Ribbon Dress’, which is reminiscent of the flapper girls and the flexibility and freedom wearing this kind of dressbrought with it. Geometric shapes, avant-garde style and luxury were all combined to product fun styles that showed the move into modernity. These styles have remained in popular culture over the last 30 years, as designers re-invent certain aspects. The Art Deco era was a period that was full to the brim with ideas and creativity and this complemented the ethos of the world of fashion we know now, which was arguably transformed from the 1920s, as women’s individual style was encouraged.

You can see Art Deco’s influence on fashion over the last 30 years because of the love affair society has with fashion and the massive amount of money that’s involved in the world of fashion. As people embrace their own individual style, what we wear can communicate things about ourselves and form an important part of our identity. The Art Deco era really opened up the world of fashion and made it more inclusive for all of the social classes, not just the upper echelons of society.

Fashion is more accessible than ever before and the spirit of the Art Deco era can be seen in the fun and enjoyment that fashion can bring. It allowed tradition to be parked at the wayside and for people to experiment with different styles. Art Deco has remained a popular theme for bridal wear; with brides choosing to incorporate 1920s style hair accessories, shoes and dresses, to add some jazz era flair. Hair combs, halos and hair pins are all popular 1920s style accessories. The Art Deco spirit of liberation and modernity is reflected in having a wedding that embraces your individuality and wearing clothes and accessories that make you feel comfortable and shows off your personality.

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