How to Care for Your Suede Shoes with Help from Emmy London

How to Care for Your Suede Shoes with Help from Emmy London

At Emmy London we use only the best Italian suede and leathers for our shoes and accessories. 

Suede Swatches by Emmy London Finest Italian Suede and Leather Shoe Designer

We asked Emmy Scarterfield, Creative Director of Emmy London for her top tips for looking after your Emmy suede shoes and accessories. 

1. Our luxurious kid suede has a very fine, this makes it super soft and comfortable but will require gentle care when cleaning. Emmy recommends using a suede cleaning block to gently rub away any small scuff marks. You can buy these from your local cobblers or the Emmy Boutique

2. A soft dry household sponge is great for re-settling the nap after cleaning your shoes with a suede block. It softly smooths the direction and texture of the suede.  

3. You can protect your shoes with a suede spray but please read the instructions in full before using. It's important to remember that you cannot dye suede shoes after they have been sprayed with protector.

Emmy London Leila Shoes and Leather Swatches

4. Our metallic leather straps are a beautiful edition to many of our shoes, it is best to clean them with a damp cloth. To retain the subtle shine use a neutral polish, this will seal the leather and avoid colour mismatches.

Metallic Leather Swatches used in the Emmy London Collection