Walking in her shoes...Emmy Scarterfield

Walking in her shoes...Emmy Scarterfield


The first thing I do is cuddle my twin girls , they get into our bed for the full 10 minute snooze on my alarm. It’s quite a squeeze with all four of us and sometimes the cat, but it’s the most precious 10 minutes of my day. Next up is the urgent need for tea, this sets me up for the hour of getting everyone out of the house by 8am. My favourite way to start a busy day is to run on the heath once my girls are at school, this gives me a chance to think through the day and plan ahead in total peace and quiet.


It ranges from a short 10 minute door to door walk from our house to our studio in North London. I normally grab a coffee to go on route. If I’m basing myself at the boutique it’s a hop on the tube which I thought I’d hate, but have learnt to embrace the me time and zone out whilst checking out everybody’s shoes!


Being brave, dedicated, resilient, confident, creative, ambitious and some may say stubborn.


To be successful, to maintain my freedom and to be kind whilst balancing my two roles of designer and mother equally.


My guilty pleasure of a bowl of salt and vinegar crisps.


Piling up half finished projects on my desk, in my head my desk is clear with minimal clutter and fresh flowers always….this is not the reality but I can still dream.


The ability to think of a million things all at once without dropping the ball on even the tiniest detail. I credit this to my dyslexic brain.


Am mum, I am wife, I am daughter, I am aunty and I am sister, I am friend……. Once that’s done my go to is a glass of Sancerre and chill on my huge blush sofa, ideally whilst watching something involving escapism.


Normally comes in the form of a run, a team meeting and digesting the challenges of the week ahead. I actually love Mondays!


Is either movie night with the kids or out for pizza, wine and kid chaos with our friends. Either way we are usually tucked up in bed by 10 ish after a bonkers busy week.


Is twofold, either jeans, cashmere and block heel for my studio days, I love the comfort, sense of balance and feeling of a ‘doable’ heel. If I am in the boutique I will most definitely be wearing a printed dress and bright Rebecca courts. I love the height and colour pop. Either way, I love a blush palette, co ordination and the focus on my shoes and bag.


Is the day I opened our Chelsea boutique, it was such a brave step in our journey, one that I’ve been so proud of and has really created such a perfect space to communicate our story, our collection and our ethos. On opening day, I put a huge balloon out on the front step to celebrate, by the afternoon it had loosened itself free and flew away – I took comfort in the thought that it had gone up into the sky to my Grandma who’d we lost a little while before and who would have been so proud to have seen how far we’d come as a business.


I believe that the secret to beauty and confidence is comfort.