Emmy's Daily Working From Home Routine

Emmy's Daily Working From Home Routine

One of the magic words at the moment is... routine. With all this upheaval at this uncertain time, the feeling of a routine is even more important than ever. It gives us a structure to the day and stops us from rolling out of bed at 3pm and staying in our pyjamas all day, (not that there is anything wrong with that, but after 2 weeks we feel like it is time to push the slippers a side). Today we follow Emmy and see how she structures her day to create meaning and wake up with a purpose.

‘Get dressed for the day as if you are going into the studio.’ We believe that if you dress as if you are going to work, this starts the day in a powerful, motivated way. It puts your brain into work mode instead of ‘binging on Netflix and laying on the sofa mode’. Start your day with a pair of bold high heels to feel confident and powerful. Remember…We have got this!

Here are some of our Emmy London top picks for the perfect addition to your ‘working from home’ wardrobe. Our Josie block heels come in both a 3 inch heel and a 2 inch kitten heel. Thanks to the luxuriously padded insole and block heel, these gorgeous courts are incredibly comfortable. Our new Claudia straight heel will make you feel confident in your team video call or FaceTime appointments. Available in Midnight, Jet and Biscuit this shoe is extremely versatile and modern. 



If you can, getting outside in your garden can really boost spirits and positivity.

Exercise and movement is more important now than ever. It is so easy to fall into that never ending Netflix coma. Without realising it you are 2 seasons deep in a series that you started yesterday. To avoid this make sure you schedule some time outside in your garden or even just some time to move about inside your house. Whether it be to put on some music and dance, do a home workout or cook a new recipe.


Here are some of our favourite Emmy London shoes which are perfect to potter about the house in whilst making you feel fabulous and fashionable. Our Florence Mules come in Misty Rose and Jet. Paired with a pair of jeans they are playful, fun and luxurious.
Finally…flats! An absolute staple to our working from home wardrobe is a pair of our undeniably comfortable Carrie flats. Step out of your slippers and into these pumps for the same level of comfort yet a stylish finish. 

 Most importantly…remember to chat , laugh, love, care and share. Connect with your friends and families and be grateful for the amazing people you have in your lives. Use this time to set out your goals and achieve things that you don’t normally have time to do.
We have created an Emmy London daily schedule to help you plan out your days and stay motivated and on track in this turbulent confusing time. Save the image below and either print and fill it out or fill it out manually on your phone. (See our Instagram channel for a tutorial of how to use Instagram to complete the template.) We hope this can help you plan your days and stay positive, motivated and driven.