Real Brides in Emmy London: Emma's Unforgettable Barn Wedding

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Emma's Sun-Kissed Wedding at Marybank Farm

After a beautifully romantic proposal surrounded by their closest family, Emma and Jesse wed on 19th February 2022 at Marybank Farm, Rostrevor, South Australia. Their special day was a sun-kissed celebration full of love, laughter, and family.

The Vision

Emma and Jesse envisioned a day where family and friends from across the globe could come together and celebrate their love. With Emma's family in Plymouth, UK, and Jesse's in Tasmania, Australia, it was a rare and cherished opportunity for everyone to be in one place. The venue, a rustic barn, inspired a floral theme that symbolized the union of their families, featuring English roses and Australian Blue Gum.

The Bridal Shoes

Emma chose our iconic Harriet heels from Emmy London, known for their elegant design and luxurious comfort. The simple and sophisticated suede strap added a touch of timeless elegance to her bridal ensemble. These luxury wedding shoes complemented her entire look and provided the perfect blend of style and comfort for her special day.

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The Experience

Emma's experience with Emmy London was exceptional. Despite being in Australia and unable to try the heels on in person, the customer service was impeccable. Emma was advised to size up due to her being between sizes (5.5/6), and the guidance proved perfect. When the Harriet heels arrived, they fit like a dream, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that Emmy London is renowned for.

Emma cherished every moment of her wedding day. The weather was a perfect, sunny 26 degrees with no wind, making for an idyllic celebration. While many of her family members could not attend due to travel restrictions, having her parents present was incredibly special. The rest of her family joined via Zoom, allowing them to share in the joy of the day.

Bow & Sash Bridal Shoes

  • Harriet Mid Heel image Harriet Mid Heel image
    Brides love

    Harriet Mid Heel

    Colour Ivory Suede
  • Harriet Low Heel image Harriet Low Heel image

    Harriet Low Heel

    Colour Ivory Suede
  • Florence Mid Block image Florence Mid Block image
    Perfect on grass

    Florence Mid Block

    Colour Ivory Suede
  • Harriet Low Block Heel image Harriet Low Block Heel image
    Ultimate comfort

    Harriet Low Block Heel

    Colour Ivory Suede
  • Florence Low Heel image Florence Low Heel image

    Florence Low Heel

    Colour Ivory Suede
  • Florence Mid Heel image Florence Mid Heel image

    Florence Mid Heel

    Colour Ivory Suede
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Emma's Tips for Brides

Take a few minutes with your new spouse to soak in the moment. The day passes quickly, so savour it together.
Prioritise comfort in your bridal shoes. Emma's Harriet heels were not only stylish but also incredibly comfortable, ensuring she could enjoy every moment without discomfort. She highly recommends Emmy London for their beautiful and comfortable bridal shoes.


  • Dress Designer & Veil: Kyha, Chosen by Kyha
  • Jesse's Suit: Tailors of Distinction
  • Venue Reception & Ceremony: Marybank Farm
  • Earrings: Hermione Harbutt
  • Hair Pins: Vivi Embellish
  • Photographer: Johnst Photography
  • Videographer: T&G Studio
  • Food: Sprout Catering
  • Flowers: Lilywest
  • Bridesmaids Dresses: Shona Joy
  • Groomsmen: MJ Bale
  • Makeup: Samantha Ruby Makeup Artist
  • Hair: Chronicles of Hair
  • Necklace: Van Cleef & Arpels

Emma's wedding was a beautiful blend of elegance, family, and unforgettable moments. With her stunning Emmy London bridal shoes, she walked through her perfect day with grace and comfort, embodying the essence of luxury and style.

Emmy Scarterfield, the Founder and Creative Director of Emmy London, wrote this blog. Originally from Somerset in the UK, she now lives in North London with her husband Dickie, their twin girls, and their delightful cockapoo, Ray. Over the past fifteen years, Emmy, alongside her husband Dickie, has built Emmy London into a celebrated British luxury shoe and accessory brand, renowned for the perfect synthesis of comfort and beauty.