Elevate your style with our classic clutch bags - the perfect finishing touch for your outfit. These stunning clutch bags will complete your look and keep your essentials close during any special event. They are crafted from the softest kid suede and are available in a variety of colours, including rich browns, vibrant reds, and feminine pinks. Some shades are also available in luxurious velvet or smooth leather, giving you the flexibility to choose according to your preferences.

You can coordinate your Emmy London shoes by choosing a matching shade of clutch bag to tie your entire outfit together, or you can opt for a contrasting pop of color. Our clutch bags feature a detachable 50cm chain woven together with suede, providing the perfect length for carrying by your side. Additionally, they are equipped with a metal magnetic popper for subtle and secure fastening.

An Emmy London clutch bag is a must-have luxury accessory, adding the perfect blend of style and functionality to your ensemble.

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