We Pioneer & Engineer Comfort As A Priority.

Feel Confident & Comfortable In Your Shoes. Discover how we create the perfect balance of beauty & comfort...


All of our styles have padded insoles from heel to toe incorporating the highest quality, most up to date memory foam technology ensuring your feet are happy from morning til night.

Lasts & Heels

Our heels and lasts are graded making sure every size is perfectly balanced.

Super Soft, Breathable Materials

We use 100% Italian suede and leathers to create our shoes. They are breathable, super soft and kind to your feet.

Smooth Edges

Emmy designs all our shoes to have soft, smooth edges.

Supportive Yet Flattering

From our bridal block heels to our sky high stilettos, all our shoes are supportive but also flattering.

The Perfect Fit

We can make our shoes from size 34 to 44, half sizes and split sizes too, so you can find your perfect size! Use our live chat to find out more.

We are here to help!

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Hand Crafted

Made by hand, one by one in our own workshop


Classic silhouettes with modern styling and intricate details


Designed with equal emphasis on beauty & comfort