Luxury Handmade Shoes & Accessories

All our shoes and accessories are made by hand in our workshop in Portugal with love and pride.


Emmy seeks inspiration from the places she explore and experiences. Some of her designs have started as an idea based from an Italian gate, to an insect wing, a cushion or a door portico. Despite the starting point her creative process is always an exciting journey of many stages, all fuelled with passion, dedication and quest for perfection.

From Sketch To Shoe

Each shoe design starts life as a sketch, the most challenging yet rewarding part of the development process is seeing the real life 3D prototype for the first time. At that point Emmy meticulously checks the design feels and looks as it should whilst ensuring it captures the detail of the original sketch.

A Love That Lasts

The last is the shoemaking term used for the mould which the shoe is made on. It defines the toe shape, fit, height and silhouette. If time, precision and expertise is not spent perfecting the last, the last cannot make perfect shoes. Emmy develops and evolves her own lasts from scratch with intricate accuracy to achieve the perfect balance of beauty and comfort.

Only The Best Materials

Only the very best will do. Emmy is obsessive about working with the very best suppliers and aims to choose the most sustainable option where possible. During her time working in Italy before the launch of Emmy London, she discovered an amazing tannery producing the softest, finest suede imaginable in the most delicious array of colours. Before she’d even started sketching her debut shoe collection, she knew she had to source from that tannery. Emmy started and has continued with this ethos and aside from the amazing suede, she sources only the very best leathers, components, embellishments, soles and fabrics.

The Art Of Shoe Making

The production of shoes is intricate, highly skilled and takes time. It’s similar to baking bread in the sense that this delicate process cannot be rushed. The production is made up of a series of stages. Each stage is done by hand and checked by hand before it moves along to the next stage. This ensures that the finished shoe is immaculate inside and out.

Attention To Detail

Iconic hand embroidered embellishments, to the instantly recognisable diamond on the sole and the gift like packaging it’s clear that attention to detail is synonymous with the brand and the designer's signature.


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Hand Crafted

Made by hand, one by one in our own workshop


Classic silhouettes with modern styling and intricate details


Designed with equal emphasis on beauty & comfort