Bridal Styling with Andrea Hawkes & Emmy London

In need of some wedding outfit inspiration? Look no further... We have been chatting all things styling with contemporary British Bridal Designer Andrea Hawkes and have created an article packed with inspiring tips and information.

From how to style shoes to your bridal dress, styling advice and bridal trends to keep an eye out for over the coming season. Read and indulge in our world of bridal shoe and dress love.

How would you style these Emmy London shoes with your dresses? 

Modern Romance

"I would style the Hannah Silver with one of our classical minimal designs like our Bloom dress. The beautiful crystals and satin would work perfectly with the off white matte silk of Bloom. Pairing a simple clean silk design with a more ornate shoe creates a lovely balance!

We love the art deco feel of Cinderella and think this would pair perfectly with our Bias cut silk gowns. Bias cut dresses originated in the 1930’s and have a real Hollywood glamour feel to them. Our Aerin dress would be a great choice."


All in the details

"The bow detail on Florence is so pretty and deserves to be shown off, a great dress to pair these with would be our Clement dress. Clement has a side split which will allow the shoes to shine through. The colours would also be a wonderful match.

Our brides absolutely love a coloured shoe, we would pair Bluebell with one of our shorter designs to fully show them off! They would work perfectly with our Morgan dress, the simple silk and flowing a-line skirt would make for a playful look.

Sienna is perfect choice for a bride who would like a little detail on their shoe, I can see these working so well with our new civil ceremony option Audrey which has a real 1960’s feel to it. The Sienna would add a touch of detail and fun to this look."


Sexy Silhouettes

"The classic shape of Harriet would work well with our Wallace dress, Wallace also has a centre front split which would highlight the satin sash tie of the Harriet shoe perfectly. Classic with a twist, just like Wallace.

The clean lines and strap detailing on Anna would appeal to so many of our brides. We would pair this with our Milo dress for a clean, contemporary and modern look."


What do you consider when styling and advising your brides how to style their dresses with shoes? 

"We often get asked what shoes should I wear? For us we think it’s really important to reflect your personality in your shoes. We offer both traditional, classic designs and very modern, contemporary looks so each bride will be drawn to different things.

For our brides who love clean lines and want a minimalist look, this often will follow through to the shoes, we would always suggest keeping clean lines with a pointed toe or a chunkier square block heel."


Shoes - Anna, Charlotte, Sienna

"Our more classic brides often want more detail or softer more feminine shapes, a rounded toe, bows and beadwork would be perfect. Stay true to your style and it will all come together!"

Shoes - Florence, Cinderella, Ava


What top tips would you give brides to help match their shoes and dress?

"Firstly, we would always ask whether the bride wants to match the colour for a full ivory, classic look or whether they want to have a more statement shoe in a soft or bold colour. If you want to have a timeless fluid look an Ivory shoe would create this whereas a coloured shoe will be a real feature on your wedding day.

I think a lot of brides automatically think they need to wear an ivory shoe when it may not be their natural style, you can wear whatever colour you like with our dresses as long as you feel comfortable and like yourself on your wedding day."


Why Emmy London shoes? Why do you choose to style them with your dresses? 

"We absolutely love the quality of Emmy London shoes and really admire the thought and design process behind each piece. Emmy’s ivory tone is a perfect match for our silks which means our brides are at ease if they want to colour match their dress and shoes. It’s also so great that Emmy can customise and create a shoe for each individual bride. This is how we work with our dress designs so the whole process of buying a custom shoe is always really appealing to our brides."


What bridal trends are you expecting to see in 2021 / 2022? 

"For us we have seen a wonderful interest in textural contract. Whether that be a mixing of fabrics such as a sheer silk chiffon against a solid matte silk like our Pearl dress or an actual textured fabric like our Joni bodice. Our brides are loving clean contemporary lines but where the fabrics become the detail element. For example the Emmy Harriet has a beautiful matte suede base with a more satin finish tie."

"We have also seen a huge interest in the sustainability side of things and definitely a step towards brides wanting to know where, how and what their dresses are made from. All of our designs are sustainably produced in London by our very own in house team. Made from natural silks and French lace. Link to our sustainability post"


What bridal looks and themes are you loving at the moment? 

"We are really loving the layering of pieces, especially capes! They add so much movement and create a really striking look for our brides. The versatility of being able to transform your bridal look throughout the day is also a really fun way to mix things up."

Shoes - Collette, Ruched Rose Shoe Clips 

We hope this has given you some wedding inspiration and answered any shoe styling questions you may have had. If you would like more tips and help please email to speak to a member of our boutique team. 

For more inspiration and to indulge yourselves in the world of shoe and bridal love visit our bridal collection page or follow our Emmy London x Andrea Hawkes Pinterest board.

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