How to complement your bouquet with our floral accessories

How to complement your bouquet with our floral accessories article image
Opal crystal daisy pins
When it comes to your wedding day look, it’s important that everything you wear and everything around you is complementary to the aesthetic of your wedding. Design is very important!
For a co-ordinated look, you shouldn’t forget your bouquet. In fact, it can be the perfect tie in between your outfit and the décor! If you’ve got a simple white dress, our floral accessories will help to blend your look with your bouquet, and if you chose you bouquet wisely, it should tie into your overall theme. See how it works? It’s like lots of little links to create one beautiful wedding day.
If you need help to find those all-important accessories, then we’ve selected a few of our favourite floral accessories that’ll help compliment your bouquet.
Opal Daisy Pins
For the lady with the daisies, we have your perfect accessory. Our opal daisy pins are a simple yet effective way of complimenting a bouquet, whether it’s made up of daisies or not! We offer a set of 7 pins in 4 different sizes, so you can create your very own daisy bouquet in your hair and embrace the femininity of flowers. Simply beautiful!
Opal Crystal Daisy Pins
Secret Garden Flower Drape
The beautiful secret garden flower drape adds a bohemian elegance. Mixing glamour and a free- spirit, each intricately designed ivory bugle bead and Swarovski crystal flower is connected to a silver chain which falls elegantly over long or short hair. Pair with a bouquet of wild, feminine flowers for a stunning look.
Secret Garden Flower Drape, Hand beaded bridal hair accessory
Blush Secret Garden Pins
For a bouquet with a little hint of blush, pair with our elegant blush secret garden pins. Again, you’ll have a set of 7 pins, made up of 4 small and 3 large so that you can create your own unique look. Each pin is intricately hand-crafted with blush bugle beads, ivory sequins and crystals for a unique and beautiful finish!
Secret blush garden pins, flower wedding hair pins, crystals and ivory sequins
Silver Vintage Rose Sweep
A rose for a rose bouquet. The silver vintage rose sweep bridal hair comb is a gorgeous yet hassle- free way to add that special something to your hair and compliment your floral arrangement and the wedding theme. With silver bugle beads and crystals, we kept the colour neutral so that it would go with any bouquet and any bride!
Silver Vintage Rose Sweep, Glamorous vintage rose bridal hair comb. Hand-embellished with silver bugle beads and accented in crystal.
All of our beautiful Emmy London accessories are hand-crafted with care and made to shine for many, many years to come, giving you a wedding keepsake that’ll last a life-time – even if your bouquet doesn’t! If you don’t think our floral accessories are for you, then be sure to take a peep at our whole bridal hair accessories collection, as well as our bridal bags and belts.
Here we teamed up our lovely Opal Daisy Hair pins with this amazing Sassi Holford dress, our stunning Cinderella shoes & Natasha Ivory clutch mag. 
Emmy London's Opal Daisy Pins, Cinderella Heels and Natasha Ivory Clutch
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