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Your Emmy London shoes and accessories have been expertly handmade using the finest materials. From the fine nap of our kid suede to the delicate beadwork it’s all thanks to the skilled craftsmanship behind every pair of Emmy London shoes. From our ornate bridal shoes to the simple silhouettes of our sophisticated court shoe styles, attention to detail is everything.

 We asked Creative Director Emmy Scarterfield, to share her care tips and expert knowledge when it comes to looking after your Emmy London shoes and accessories, so they remain in the best possible condition after a night on the dance floor.

Caring for your suede Emmy shoes


Our sublime suede shoes are made using the finest Italian kid suede, tanned in traditional methods to bring out the very best colours while retaining the soft flexibility of suede. Due to the high quality, the suede has a very fine nap, so please be extra gentle when cleaning. The beauty of this luxurious natural material is that it is not always flawless, but that’s what makes our shoes and clutch bags truly unique. If there are any imperfections, they are so slight that they will not affect the overall look of your shoes or clutch bag.

To maintain the quality of the suede, use a suede-cleaning block that works similarly to a rubber to remove marks. We sell these at the Emmy boutique, or you can purchase them from any good cobblers. Where possible (especially with our lighter suede shoes) try to avoid damp conditions. You can protect your shoes with a suede spray but please read the instructions fully before using - just remember that once sprayed your shoes cannot be dyed.

Caring for your leather Emmy shoes


We use the finest Italian leather, it’s incredibly soft and supple, and this ensures it has the same sublime comfort of our suede shoe styles.

Made using calf skins tanned in a traditional tannery and brushed with wax to bring out the gorgeous glossy shine. Due to this being a natural material there may be some very slight irregularities, but we hope that this reflects how unique each Emmy London product is and should not impact the overall look of the shoe or clutch bag. To help maintain your leather item clean it delicately with a damp cloth, Emmy recommends a neutral polish to avoid colour mismatches and keep away from heat.

Caring for your metallic leather Emmy products

Metallic Leather

We use metallic leather mainly for our straps and piping; a metallic laminate is applied to the skins to create a shiny, metal-like finish. This material is delicate and therefore care should be taken when fastening and adjusting the buckles on the straps. To keep your metallic leather in tip-top condition, clean it delicately with a slightly damp cloth and keep it away from heat.

Caring for your silk satin Emmy shoes and accessories

Silk Satin

Some of our shoes have silk satin uppers. This exquisite textile can be cleaned with a soft, slightly damp cloth and left to dry. Protect the silk satin from water and humidity and avoid heat, when you have finished wearing your shoes, it’s best to pop them into a protective Emmy London dust bag.

Caring for your Emmy details and embellishments

Details & Trims

The details on Emmy London shoes and accessories are handmade and very delicate, they are designed to be worn for special occasion, not every day. We use a variety of dazzling beads, shells, mirror glass, sequins and Swarovski crystals to create our trims. Each detail is hand beaded by exceptionally talented craftsmen and women, rather than mass-produced machine embroidery. With hand beading, each embellishment is unique and created with care and the utmost attention to detail. Avoid wearing delicate lace and tulle; instead, opt for satin and silk/cotton options that are tougher and less likely to catch if you are a bride. If after a night of dancing you have a few missing beads or crystals we do offer a repair service, please see below for more details.


We hope you love wearing your Emmy London shoes and accessories.

If you need some advice about care and repairs, our dedicated team are here to help. The Emmy London design studio based in London offers a repairs and cleaning service, for information and prices, please contact: