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It all starts with inspiration!

 "The design process is the most indulgent part of my job and certainly one I look forward to embarking on. Typically the journey starts by something that I've seen or experienced and that has ignited the creative thought process. My designs are never really influenced by shoes, it's usually way more random than that! In the past, insects, architecture, chairs, umbrellas and tiling have all played a role in shaping how the collection has evolved season after season." - Emmy Scarterfield 

From Sketch to Shoe!

Next Emmy creates a mood board of ideas and sketches out different shoes and accessories to develop ideas into potential new collection pieces. Emmy  has made craftsmanship the heart of the Emmy London brand, working with our dedicated workshop in Portugal to bring our intricate designs to life in the most beautiful way possible. 

Each design starts with developing the last, a mould which defines the shape and comfort of the finished shoe. Emmy London lasts shapes are based on timeless styles capturing the elegance of a bygone era. The Emmy London team tests each style. Several development processes are conducted to ensure the ultimate level of comfort and fit, two essential ingredients of the luxury brand. 

Taking Care of Quality

Our materials are the very best quality and sourced from Italy. Kid suede and leather with the finest nap is used to create a luxurious finish.

Shoemaking is made up of a series of intricate processes, and our team of craftsmen have honed skills passed down from generation to generation. Each shoe is carefully hand finished ensuring that each pair is the epitome of perfection.

The iconic beaded details that are integral to the Emmy London brand are all lovingly hand beaded and applied to our collection of shoes, clutch bags, bridal sash belts and hair accessories. Attention to detail is at the heart of everything we do, each pair of shoes is finished with our iconic crystal on the sole, and our packaging is delightfully detailed and considered. Many Emmy London clients have commented it's like receiving a super special gift.

Love is in the detail at Emmy London!