Emmy London Launches New Jewellery Collection with H Samuel The Jewellers

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new diamond Emmy London Jewellery Collection exclusively at H Samuel Jewellers. 

Diamonds and shoes.....what's not to love!  Each piece is lovingly designed by Emmy Scarterfield, creative director and founder of Emmy London. The attention to detail, art deco references and timeless elegant appeal are all key ingredients that make this beautiful collection such a natural progression for the brand and the perfect way to complete the Emmy London look. 

Emmy explains how the collection came about and why she cares so much about the designs and the significance they have…

“My day to day relationship with real brides provides such a valuable insight into their planning and their wedding journey, I get asked about so many aspects from photography, flowers, bridesmaids, stationary, jewellery and other finishing touches. it only seems natural to seek out the very best and share the love. I have always been intrigued, bordering on obsessed with jewellery – particularly fine, real jewellery! Many of the intricate shoe and accessory embellishments at Emmy London are inspired by various pieces of jewellery collected over the years.

As I've matured as a designer I’ve grown to focus on my strengths and my strengths definitely lie in the detail, so scaling down my design process to apply myself to jewellery design was a very comfortable departure for me. There's a hidden diamond in every piece, which echos our signature crystal on the soles of our shoes which is such a lovely detail, a secret between the two of you as a couple. The fan detail and structure is very much part of our story and is beautifully executed in this jewellery collection which was a really important feature to get right.



I have always been very close to my late Grandmother, Rosalie Scarterfield. Her and my Grandfather owned a bespoke tailoring business together in Chichester in an uncannily similar building to Emmy London HQ. She was always a close inspiration and sounding board for me starting, growing and running my business. She was also the queen of blush and immaculate coordination, so we were very similar in that sense. She always had an avid and very active addiction to jewellery - her collection was huge and one of her most precious treasures."


"I’ve often thought about extending my bridal offer to encompass jewellery, but was very sure that if and when I did that it had to be with an expert and on a scalable level. When H Samuel approached me, it felt completely natural and an obvious decision so I embraced it wholeheartedly....... who best to team up with than the experts on the high street and what an amazing opportunity to design a collection that offers the Emmy London brand to such a wide audience. It was almost a year since my Grandma had passed away when I presented my sketches to H Samuel for the first time, it was an emotional day as it very much felt like she was there with me. I know for a fact that this would have been by far her proudest moment .

We recently launched the collection at Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, decadent setting to present the pieces to the bridal and fashion press. I wore two of my favourite pieces to represent us together, one for me and one for my Grandma."




Emmy London tiara inspired ring in a vintage H Samuel Box shot by Ikonworks.


"The collection is made up of 32 pieces, including engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings and ‘just because’ rings (that’s what I call them) plus bridal earrings and pendants. The collection is beautifully executed and has such a strong essence of the Emmy London brand; you can literally see how the shoe designs have been translated into smaller, finer jewellery pieces. It’s been such a pleasurable and rewarding process as well as an opportunity to learn so much about a new product area, which has been hugely satisfying.

I know all about I1 diamonds (which basically means they are super sparkly – good news!), certificated diamonds and ethical diamond mining which I’m proud to say are all attributes of the collection. I’m already eager to expand the collection to bracelets and charms, but for that I’ll just have to wait until next season. Until then, I’m very much looking forward to seeing the collection come to life and enjoyed by brides across the country. I’m immensely proud and feel privileged to be working with H Samuel."


"The jewellery really emulates my signature style and has a perfect balance of an art deco reference with a modern edge. This isn’t a reproduced vintage inspired collection, this is modern luxury for modern brides. The mix of tapered baguette cuts and marquese really create something unique on the high street."


The collection is super accessible as it starts at £299 -£3499.

The collection is now available exclusively in H Samuel stores and online.

Follow Emmy’s Instagram and Pinterest to learn more about the creative journey.







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