Shoe design & craftsmanship

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The art of shoe making

Shoe production is intricate, highly skilled, and time-consuming, much like the delicate process of baking bread. It consists of a series of handcrafted stages, with each stage meticulously checked before advancing to the next. This ensures that the finished shoe is impeccable inside and out.

A love that lasts

The term 'last' in shoemaking refers to the mould upon which the shoe is crafted. It dictates the toe shape, fit, height, and silhouette, playing a crucial role in the shoe's design. Without investing time, precision, and expertise in perfecting the last, it becomes impossible to create flawless shoes. Emmy dedicates herself to developing and refining her own lasts from scratch, ensuring intricate accuracy to achieve the perfect balance of beauty and comfort.
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Attention to Detail

From iconic hand-embroidered embellishments to the instantly recognisable diamond on the sole and the gift-like packaging, it's evident that attention to detail is synonymous with both the brand and the designer's signature. Emmy designs each intricate embellishment in her London studio, which is then meticulously hand-stitched by skilled artisans. Every design is exclusive to the Emmy London brand.
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