We are committed to supporting a slow fashion production model, meaning we don't overproduce while maintaining choice for our customers and minimising waste. We are kind and considerate to our suppliers and constantly strive to improve our sourcing strategies to ensure we are environmentally responsible. We are not perfect, but we are on an ever-evolving journey of improvement for a better future.


Emmy London has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powdered by Positive Luxury, officially a real change maker. The Butterfly Mark is an independent certification for luxury brands that are meeting higher and higher standards for people and planet.
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Slow Fashion

We believe in small stock runs and pioneer a made-to-order service that supports our commitment to never overproduce.

By producing in small quantities, we ensure that we do not waste resources or create excess stock that may end up in landfills.

While our made-to-order service maintains a level of choice that suits customer needs, it also ensures that we focus on crafting exactly what our customers want, rather than having to second-guess preferences in advance.

Our collection is crafted to an excellent standard of quality, featuring styles that transcend time. Thus, we create products that can be loved and cherished for years to come.

From the source

We only use tanneries that score highly on the LWG board. LWG stands for the Leather Working Group, an independent certification that assesses suppliers and scores them based on environmental responsibility, provenance, and traceability.

We have introduced a vegan fabric into our collection, which is consciously sourced using recycled fibers.

As part of our ethos, we aim to seek out materials that increase the economic, social, and environmental outcomes for our customers and the communities from which they originate.
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Emmy London packaging is responsibly sourced from recycled materials & is is 100% recyclable.

Our cardboard shipping boxes are FSC certified.
Our Emmy logo stickers & plastic pouches are biodegradable plastic.
Our branded accessories boxes, tissue paper, shoe stuffing & stationary is sustainably sourced & FSC/PEFC certified. 100% recyclable.

Emmy London ribbon is sustainably produced, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles & can be recycled in a mixed textiles bank at local recycling centres. Please note our ribbon cannot be placed into clothing banks unless they state ‘mixed textiles’.

Please keep & reuse your Emmy London shoe box as a keepsake & protection for your beautiful shoes, made to last a lifetime.

At Emmy London, we believe that sustainability and ethical practices are not just a responsibility but a way of life. We are committed to doing our part to create a better future for ourselves and for future generations. We strive to source responsibly, produce sustainably, and distribute consciously while always pushing for better. We are not perfect by any means yet, but we won’t stop striving until we are.