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Earlier this week we popped into the fabulous Suzannah boutique in Marble Arch to catch up with one of our favourite designers – Suzannah Crabb. Suzannah has created a label specialising in exquisitely made dresses focusing on accurate tailoring and stunning silhouettes, perfect for modern mother's of the bride/groom. We thought we would take the opportunity to quiz Suzannah on her top styling tips and inspirations.
Which three words best sum up the Suzannah brand? 
"Beautiful, special, charming."
Who inspires you?
"The works of an American designer from the 20s-60s called James Gallanos inspires me. His precision cutting and elegant silhouettes always spark something within me. From modern day I love Celine, and Valentino."
{A behind the scenes shot from the Suzannah boutique.}
What colour do you think will be big this summer?
"The sorbets! Any dusted down shade of mint, apricot, pink, lemon will pay such an important role. I also have a feel feeling for fuchsias and Peony pinks coming through too." 

{Some gorgeous shots from inside the Suzannah boutique. Fresh lemons and mints line the rails. Emmy London Mint clutch seen in the photo above would look marvellous teamed with these dresses.}
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{Our Vapour shade works perfectly with sorbets - click here to buy.}
If you had to choose, what is your favourite garment from the collection?
"This season I absolutely love the cape shift in Lemon sherbet. It is really fun and unique in colour. It is simple with its cape influence and has modern execution and can be used for a special event with up- styling with millinery and beautiful shoes, but also is a great day wear piece which can be worn well with flats and a jacket thrown over the shoulders."
{Cape Shift Dress Sherbet Lemon Click Here to buy now}  
How important are the accessories when completing your outfit?
"They complete the look. Anyone who has ever been in to my boutique knows I will always hand an appopriate pair of shoes to be tried on with the outfit.  Wearing non-matchy, but 'considered' accessories add such sophistication to a look, and also customise an outfit to make it feel just right for the wearer. People often have this worry about turning up in the same outfit to a wedding as someone else. I truly believe that if you customise with unqiue millinery, shoes and bag, then one dress could never look the same anyway and would be perceived differently. Accessorising makes the dress right for you and appropriate for the occasion."
{Emmy London Olivia Midnight shoes and Clutch - Click Here to buy now}
Your top tips on looking sensational but not outshining the bride?
"I'm not sure anyone can ever outshine a bride! When I was getting married I absolutely loved the fact that my guests looked so incredible and had gone to such efforts for me and my day! Just makes the photos even more fabulous with stunning outfits in the congregation!"
{Stunning collar details with show-stopping beading is available from Suzannah
What do you think is the most flattering sleeve length and neckline?
"Slash necks seem to work for most people. Lower the slash to balance out a heavier bust. I love wrist length sleeves."
{This gorgeous Suzannah dress would look wonderful with out Cinder Poppy shoes and Natasha Clutch}
We hear you have a new collaboration coming up?
"We are very excited about our collaboration with fine art photographer Kate Scott. Our first in a series of silk prints using Kate’s wonderful imagery is based on the peony! It will be launched when this flower comes into season with events like Ascot in mind!"
Thanks so much to Suzannah for anwering our questions.
Pop into her boutique on 3 NEW QUEBEC STREET, LONDON W1H 7RE
Don't miss the Spring Summer Styling event in collaboration with new British milliner Laura Apsit-LIvens and Up and Coming Hairdresser of the year Kieran Tudor.  On March 19th at the Suzannah boutique. 



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