Greenery Is The Shade Of The Season!

Greenery Is The Shade Of The Season! article image
It’s that time of the year when everyone is layered in knitwear, wearing winter colours and preparing for festive events. However, there is one colour that keeps reoccurring during this season and that is the sublime colour, greenery. Greenery is a colour that symbolises festive spirit, nature, it oozes with the pursuit of personal passion and vitality. If you have seen our new Instagram page you will already be familiar with our growing greenery obsession. As season’s change and temperatures drop, we often find ourselves looking for small changes to lift our spirits, we begin to steer away from pastel and neutrals and instead embrace the rich winter hues for this season. Experimenting with greenery shades this autumn winter is an easy alternative to black or grey, it carries the same darkness but yet feels more refreshing, festive and colourful by comparison. And just look how pretty it looks with blush pink! 
Here we have put together a few pieces that could work wonderfully for any occasion from clothes, shoes, accessories and lifestyle elements.
 Green sofa and vase
To start off colour is important to set the tone for the room; a comfortable green sofa is perfect for a zesty light refreshing shade to symbolise new beginnings. Matched with a blush pink coloured wall or lamp, the contrast looks amazing and adds a lift to the darker shade for a modern feel.
There isn’t greenery without zesty plants around to accommodate the room, this will give the room a beautiful unity with the natural world and make everything refreshing to the eye. Accessories are the key to piecing everything together, vases are a great way to present ideas and concepts in a subtle way, the green on green looks great and shows off a delicate clean appearance. You can even decorate your gift and letters with easy to wrap plants such as rabbit foot fern to give them a unique edge.
Greenery wire terrarium
If you love interior design why not get creative and build up a wire terrarium filled with fresh greenery plants such as baby tears, Scottish moss, button ferns and creeping fig, this will add a beautiful ornament to your room.
Green & blush skirt
Every party girl needs an elegant skirt in her wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a green sequin or pleated skirt by NO.21 to dance in and show off your chic look, paired with black or blush it will set the festive tone for any event. Greenery is flattering to all skin tones, but if you don’t want to make too much of big statement why not opt for shoes or wear the colour on your nails. We have opted for our Rebecca & Olivia Greenery heels to add a pop of colour to your outfit which not only gives you style but gives an understated elegance to your look. We have a wide range of simple, kid- suede heels to match our kid-suede Natasha clutches, so be sure to take a look at our greenery collection.
Luxury suede Rebecca Greenery heels
Indulge in Greenery this season and enjoy.
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