New York Bridal week 2021/22 trends

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This week is the digital New York Bridal Week and we are so excited to immerse ourselves in the world of bridal. Seeing the trends for bridal 2021/22 is making us hopeful for the beautiful brides to be and we are excited to help them find their dream bridal shoes. Here are our trend predictions for bridal 2021/22 and how we are staying ahead of the curve and on top of the trends with our designs and creations. 

Colourful Bridal shoes 

After many logistical conversations, set backs and what if's, brides to be are now ready to unleash their creative side and take some control over their wedding day. To break away from the feeling of worry and uncertainty, many brides will be looking for fun and adventurous styles.

Colourful shoes will be a popular choice amongst brides who are looking to experiment with their wedding style. Whether it be a delicate pastel blue for their 'something blue' or a bold and beautiful emerald, this is the perfect way to add an element of your own personality to your wedding style. 

 'Florence' is an iconic style which through our bespoke service can be created in a wide range of different colours or shades to suit your wedding aesthetic and personality. It is a wear-again shoe which will happily walk you with comfort and style through life's biggest days.. from an intimate ceremony to large traditional celebration to the paradise honeymoon.

Bluebell is a beautiful blue take on our classic and iconic Cinderella Bridal shoe. This classic bridal sandal embellished with Swarovski crystal embroidery, draws inspiration from the famous glass slipper, with aquamarine coloured Swarovski crystals precisely placed to catch the light beautifully!

Bluebell is the perfect way to add a delicate and playful touch of colour to your bridal outfit whilst also giving a nod towards your 'something blue'.

Personalised Details 

Once again we are seeing a trend of brides pushing the creative boundaries more and more. Many brides are looking for sentimental touches such as embroidered veils with their partners initials or fabrics from their family's wedding dresses sewn into their own gowns.

Adding the finishing touches to their bridal outfits with personalisation will also be a way to add personal details and a creative flare. This is something we can offer here at Emmy London.

Every single pair of our shoes are hand finished with a crystal on the sole. To help you personalise to perfection and create your dream shoes we offer the chance to choose a crystal colour of your choice.

A blue crystal is perfect as your 'something blue', or you can choose yours and your partners birthstones. 

Party Style Sparkle

2021/22 will be the years that brides to be embrace sparkles like no other. A wedding is a reason to celebrate love and life and in the years coming these celebrations will be appreciated even more. What better time to wear a sparkly gown of crystals than your long awaited wedding day. 

At their increasingly important celebrations brides will want to be the centre of attention in their beautiful show stopping dress and accessories. The vibe will be radiant, optimistic and hopeful. 

Savannah is the perfect shoe for brides who want a real wow-factor on their wedding day. Savannah is adorned with the shiniest Swarovski crystals which sparkle in the light as you walk down the aisle. 



Head over to Pinterest to explore our Bridal trends board for inspiration and styling ideas.


Are you interested in any of these trends or how we can help you create your dream bridal shoes? For more information or to book in an in store or virtual appointment please email

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