Top Tips For A Wonderful Winter Wedding 2018

Top Tips For A Wonderful Winter Wedding 2018 article image
We love a winter wedding. Although the air may be a little crisp, there’s nothing more satisfying than the sound of frosty leaves crunching under your feet, as you are about to walk down the aisle. A scene filled with velvety roses, silk ribbons and pleasantly scented candles, reflecting against a subtle silver sky.
It is the finer details that will make your day a truly wonderful and magical filled occasion. From the invitations and dressing your reception venue to accessorising your dress to create the most exquisite look.


Whether you have chosen a particular theme or you are choosing to bring sentimental colours into your bouquet, your personality and vision will make your wedding completely yours and memorable in your special way.

Adding touches to keep your guests enjoying the day as much as you, can come from anywhere to ensure the day goes as smoothly as you envision. On wintery days, it is so lovely to receive something warm. Hand warmers, blankets or a glass of mulled wine on arrival may just add an extra touch of luxury.


It is so important to make sure your feet are comfortable throughout the day, as you will most likely be standing for most of it. Whether you choose a wedge or classic court shoe, you should be sure your shoes will keep you smiling.

Each pair of Emmy London shoes is handmade with the most luxurious leathers and suede for optimum comfort. One of our most iconic styles, the Cinderella, will make the perfect photograph. With crystal-embellished toes, it is almost like wearing jewellery on your feet.


Not forgetting your bridesmaids, their outfits are also a significant element to the day. Think about the colours they will be wearing and how this will complement and support your look and vision.

Wedding favours can be another important thing to tick off the list. With a beautiful range of winter gifts available, from candles to chocolates and wine. A beautiful piece of jewellery could be a lasting reminder of your special day.


Like sparkling snowflakes scattered through the air, there are beautiful accessories that can keep your curls looking effortless, even if it is a bit breezy on the day. Adorned with pearls and crystals, the beading delicately placed on our hair combs, pins and halos will reflect even the softest lighting; a perfect touch to your finished look.


If you are concerned about feeling chilly on your day, why not consider a shawl or cashmere shrug to complete your look? These are becoming a popular choice, as they will keep you cosy while delivering sophisticated elegance.

The softness and warmth of cashmere will allow you to feel like you are in pure heaven. Delicate fabrics and materials will enable you to create an iconic look.
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER - scallop neck jumper 10


With lilac mists of winter evenings imminent, carefully placed candles and delicately spiced incense can create the perfect ambience when drawing your special day into a romantic evening.

Flats may be a refreshing alternative to the shoes you’ve been in all day and will give your feet a chance to relax. Without compromising on glamour and femininity, this is an option to consider so you can carry on dancing until the early hours.

After all the months of preparation, your day will go very quickly. It will be filled with so many cherished moments, happy memories and emotion. Be sure to reserve a few precious minutes in the day for you and your partner to admire everything you have worked towards. This is the start of a whole new world together…

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