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In June soon-to-be-bride Sarah, popped into our London boutique and found her dream shoes andaccessories Sarah's wedding was in September in the peaceful town of Leigh-on-Sea. We asked Sarah to share her Emmy story with us and explain what the Emmy experience was like for her...

"If I'm honest, I'm not a hearts and flowers kind of girl, so planning my wedding in my mind, was going to be a fairly pragmatic and bridezilla-free experience for all concerned.

I'll admit thought, I had my moments, but I kept a cool head right up until I left my parent's house, and the only slight freak out was a result of my veil not being in properly- As I got to the door of the church as yet again, my veil dropped out was not my finest hour, but aside that- I did keep my cool....

Oh, and the shoes.... that was the other time I Iost my cool, but in a really good way.

.....Let me tell you about their effect on me. 

Firstly, I need to state that I love shoes. In my opinion they make an outfit go from mediocre to stylishly fabulous in a slip of a foot. So discovering Emmy London brought out the squealing princess in me- But then again, I think that it would take an iron heart not to get that excited in the confines of the Emmy London Boutique.

The boutique is a treasure-trove of the most stunning range of footwear that you could imagine. This mecca of refined, vintage inspired designs is like coming across treasure and I certainly found mine for my wedding day.


I actually enjoyed finding my perfect pair a lot more than finding my wedding dress! As I got to try on a plethora of shoe designs that had been created by Emmy herself, the vibe in the boutique was relaxed, fun and intimate. Chatting to Emmy about how I wanted comfort- I wanted to dance until dawn (and trust me, I did!) and something different that owned a touch of magic led Emmy to suggest the Cinderella shoe. And once I slipped her on, I knew that I'd found 'them' as they really did feel and look like the glass slippers I'd imagined." 


"I also got to try on many, stunning embellished combs, belts and hair pieces and found the Emmy London Tear Drop Halo to be the perfect accessory for my relaxed, but glamorous bridal look."



"I also couldn't resist treating my bridesmaids to their own bespoke, teardrop belts- Hand crafted with sheer blue chiffon ties and hand-beaded front detailing which complimented their periwinkle dresses perfectly."

"For me, finding Emmy London was like stumbling across a rare gem! When it's your wedding day you really want to create what you dream up and with Emmy London I did just that, as I was able to add that touch of elegant magic to my ensemble. I actually got more compliments about the halo and shoes than the dress, and I can't wait for the occasion when I can give those Cinderella's an outing again- But for now, they're tucked up safely in their box, treasured along with the memories of my wedding day".


Congratulations to Sarah and Glenn and many thanks to Sarah for sharing her experienceswith us.

If you'd like to share your Emmy story with us please email



Photography- Lola Rose Photography

Make-up- SarahNiceBeauty

Dress- Cymbeline

Venue- At home in Essex- Tipis by Beautiful World Tents

Shoes- Cinderella by Emmy London

Halo- Tear drop Halo

Bridesmaids (Belts)- Bespoke Emmy London




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